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We've all seen Human-based survivalist lore and the dynamic that goes with. When dealing with a Post-Apocalyptic storyline of any sort, we all see the dwindling of nature and the societal structure as a whole. The birthing of wretched creations, i.e animals, beasts of men, etc. What if that dwindling nature could be experienced? I saw the faction list, and all of it is quite interesting. But, I had an idea swirling around my head as I poked my head in here for a brief while. What of the inflicted human beings? Cast out by every settlement and major social hub, forced to live in seclusion. Hardened hatred drives them, and a sense of self-reliance breeds their productivity as a social group. It would be awesome to play the part of a Tribal Mutant, living in the remote mountains in various regions. Thoughts? Oh, and yes.. The Hills have Eyes had something to do with this idea, haha.

Also, zone of conflict.. well, what I mean by this, from a PvP perspective, is that one place everyone tells you "Dude, I wouldn't go there if I were you. It's lawless!" In any MMO of course theres going to be some controlled environment where not every player can just attack whoever he/she wants to. But, what if there was a place like that? Factions hidden waiting for the dumb or the brave, then well..all hell breaks loose! So, maybe an implementation of a sector of pure chaos and lawlessness, where the not-so-moral character can thrive with his true calling. Also, it could be associated with the class above.. mutant hunting anyone?

Feel free to tell me what you think! Game dyanmics are always fun to discuss.
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While I was fond of the tribal mutants culture in auto assault, I think it should first be understood that according to their timeline, and FAQ and attachment to realism it's unlikely there would be a population of healthy "mutants" capable of behaving as a faction. The timeline is pretty short for such people to have developed mutations other than the typical cleft palate, or other deformities associated to malnutrition, high stress and infections during pregnancies (again the people born under these conditions would be very young). Also I guess the united states experienced a mass exodus with the big chill so not going to see a lot of people hanging around highly mutagenic areas. In a nut shell, sever birth defects would not survive the harshness of the world, mutation may not be rampant according to what I know of the lore, and other than mutants forming communities you might see more of the regular old social outcasts like deviants, perverts, sociopaths, schizophrenics, and others that would usually end up tucked away in a ward somewhere instead roaming around.

Combat Zones are one thing, perhaps more dynamic would be areas containing valuable resources or high traffic routs where the enterprising bandit might snag a passing convoy of supplies. I prefer the pvp of EVE online, it can happen anywhere if you start a war with someone, or in the areas too far from civilization your simply on your own.

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