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 Post subject: The AUDIO 'Road Trip'..
PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:20 am 
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I would like to point out (to any potential audio creationists out there) that there has always been an audio direction for Apokalypsos. A vision if you like. This game was inspired originally by another that the core devs here played together until it shutdown and will probably have many other influences woven into its design. But its that initial influence that is the catalyst for this website and game project. I still have the original audio files for Auto Assault somewhere...

In the meantime, life goes on and shit happens. Contacts are lost and refound, talent is gained and time stretches thin, hopes crumble and then rebuilt justly.

The team are not looking for a NEW vision, (in fact I would think its safe to say we are not looking for anything other than coders and 3d modellers) but if you can compliment this original vision and work with it, that is what a team is about. Its not necessarily about making things new and shiny either. Around here we have a thing for the raw and rusty, the sullen and well trodden, the imperfect.

And with teams are how things get done. Team members are what we need !

There are still many audio facets to be created other than soundtracks such as folio, sound fx, voice-overs, menu interactions, etc..
Each of these assets also need to compliment the audio game plan, so it all works together!
This is the kind of audio work that needs to be done.

If you do manage to get as far as the project wiki and check out the project bible, you will notice a bunch of plans about the audio structure. About each factions audio style etc.
There were discussions about all of this, there IS a plan....
As the 2nd audio asset contributor/team member, Vhyle was asked to do the Neutral faction (and the Protectorate) audio to add a different sound & uniqueness other than my own (I did the theme for the Rebels and the Reformers). Vhyle is also creating new stuff consistently some of which may (with his permission) get used as ambient soundtracks, if we ever get that far. ... psos-music

I have re-uploaded some of my intial audio (yes its been 7 years but I think the foundations still remain firm) as pointers to remind us where we have come from and the fundamental inspirations.
Do not look at these as final tracks anymore, but more of an idea of the audio direction and concepts within the audio plan.
We do not want to lose the grit embedded in these tracks. We do not want shiny polished turd production. We want fabricated musical instruments, raw essence, dischordia and grit !! ... soundtrack

If you are up for contributing towards the end goal as described above, then give me/us a shout! (sonix dot squad at gmail dot com).
We have had various audio dude members come and go, each contributing a little, but they did not last the journey.
Are you a catalyst or do you just want to jump in the fire when its already burning hot?

We have laid the foundations for the audio vision, schemed with Sigoya & the team over details about audio trigger events, spent sleepless nights scribbling plans on bits of paper.
I may only visit periodically to get the lowdown, but I am constantly investing & developing my arsenal of audio weapons!

However, patience is required! Audio is usually one of the last things to get integrated into a game design, so the wait may be a long one - especially when you have less team members than fingers (7 years so far) despite the plans having been laid out mostly years ago.


So with all that said and done, its time for me to retire and get ready for work... another day another steaming cup of nuclear soup :2guns:

But when the times comes and we need audio assets to be integrated, you know how to get in touch with me and hopefully know where I (still) stand :guns:
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:24 pm 
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I'll listen away while I continue to write, which I am, and have been, for seven years also.

Aside from the evils of real life, I'm beyond OCD when it comes to reality and lore and reasons and logic—e.g. if there is a faction differentiated primarily by contact with an ever-active virus, I need to know how and why that virus precisely works, where it came from, etc.

I finally know those answers, but it took until 2015 to get there. Lots of other stuff is less difficult, and I've "solved" quite a number of problems that jarred me out of story and into "hmm, I call BS"—there are exceptions, but few now.

If I can find time, I want three on-world and (surprise!) one off-world book-length treatments done in the next two years. I'm currently mid-process with selling everything I own, moving to another country debt-free, and will be writing much more as part of that two-year plan. I even have a wife and kids still. So far. ;)

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:35 am 
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Indeed - patience is most definitely a virtue when it comes to the development. I don't post here much but I am here, and I do work on new tracks as time permits. I have plenty more ideas for more tracks, and I will lay them down over the near future.

And yes - if you guys wish to use any of Algarothsyum's music (I assume that's what you were referring to, Sonix) for the game, you have my permission! As you guys already know, "Travelling Song" was originally written for the game, but I re-recorded it and released it on the first album. My music is already written strongly in the post-apocalyptic theme, so any other Algarothsyum tracks you want to include in the game's soundtrack, I'm ok with it!
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