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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:48 pm 
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Welcome to the Post Apocalyptic Media Group!

(PAM) is a serious... err, seriously warped cluster of individuals who are openly (or, if they have jobs, significant others, or hopes of either, secretly) fans of the world's demise and where we go from there.

Some of our number have been branded as freaks, but the incident rate is down sharply with the theft of Thor's branding irons - the floor is all yours, tell us about you, your favorites, the most under- or over-rated "PAM" on your bookshelf or in your finest faux-oak DVD cabinet. The kind with cheap magnets and untempered glass!

Unless you watch the evening news or read magazines, it may seem odd to focus on the end of the world. But, as you are well aware, humans expect as a rule to survive it. Primarily this is because PAM without people is very boring. But it's also rather likely - depending on whether asteroids or plagues (or war zombies) are your premise, the only thing tougher than a cockroach is a human. Want proof? When was the last time you got crushed by a cockroach? Right, case closed.

And it's also nothing very new to obsess over. The oldest known human writing sucked, bunch of basic accounting. The oldest known human writing that didn't suck, dealt with death, a quest for heroism, and just happened to have a tale of the sole human survivors after a catastrophic flood. Not the Bible, we're talking the prequel here, Gilgamesh.

Something like 86% of the world's population is "religious" - and if you can find a religion that ends well for the earth as we know it, please keep it to yourself, remember where you are! Most like to speak of Ragnarök, Armageddon, Yawm al-Qiyamah, and all manner of great winds and cracking seals and earthquakes and misbehaving celestial bodies. We're not alone, we're just interested in more secular fiction - because there's more of it to enjoy!

But we digress.

On purpose.

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